True to our mission of putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all, each year the YMCA of Avery County provides hundreds of free or reduced memberships to low income families. 

Our Outreach programs are designed to serve all ages.  We provide healthy living programs to the elderly at outreach sites throughout the county an do home visits to assess daily living need, deliver food boxes and mitigate emergent needs to help them maintain independent living. 

We work with high-risk school children providing them with another caring adult in their lives and guide them toward healthy habits and success in school. 

We work with Pre-K children to for drowning prevention and do a Yoga class at daycare centers to introduce them to active living.  We collaborate with other local agencies and organizations to provide a wide-array of support to those who most need us.

For more information on YMCA Outreach or to partner with the YMCA of Avery County on a community project contact Sheila Bauer at 737-5500 x302

Outreach Programs are made possible through the generous support of:

Richard & Lillian Becker Family Foundation

Provident Benevolent Foundation



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