At the Y, no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. We offer financial assistance based on household income and size,  and review special circumstances like medical expenses and unplanned emergencies. Financial assistance is made available through the Y Annual Campaign and grants from generous donors.

Financial assistance can make it more affordable for you to benefit from everything the Y offers, from wellness programs and swim lessons to summer camps and youth sports.


Visit the front desk to complete an application. You can also download and complete the English-language or Spanish-language application form, and return it to the front desk or submit it to Lisa Isley. Please submit the following documentation to process your application, and allow up to two weeks for approval:

  • 2 Recent pay stubs
  • Last year’s W2s or most current tax return
  • Proof of Unemployment (if applicable)
  • Public assistance award letters (if applicable)
  • Documentation of financial burden (if applicable)

Note: Other documents may be requested.

Y-Access Frequently Asked Questions

The YMCA’s Y-Access program is a scholarship program to reduce membership and some program rates for individuals who need more affordable rates. This program is made possible through the YMCA’s Annual Campaign, grants and generous donors.

All financial information is required to adequately process your application and is guaranteed to be held in strict compliance with HIPAA privacy laws. Your financial information is only used to process the award and will not be retained for anything other than award purposes.

A sliding scale is utilized that considers household income and size in addition to considering special circumstances including but not limited to medical expenses, unplanned emergencies and unemployment. It is important that you share any pertinent information with us that you feel could help your chances at receiving assistance.

Applications are subject to reassessment every 3 months and are dependent on facility usage. You must use your membership monthly in order to keep it.

Assistance is applied towards membership dues automatically. It can be used for most programs including youth & adult sports programs, some swim lesson types, and healthy living programs.